Project 2

OUR portfolio


Guided by the interior designer’s vision, we meticulously crafted a timeless collection using solid wood, infusing each piece with unparalleled character and uniqueness. Attention to detail and impeccable finishes were paramount in every aspect of our work. The sliding door in the living room serves as a defining feature, anchoring the space with its functionality and elegance.
In addition to crafting bespoke furniture pieces, including the striking entrance console and the one-of-a-kind rounded bookcase, we meticulously curated all doors throughout the residence. We take immense pride in the grandeur of the residence’s entrance, which sets the tone for the entire house with its impressive design and attention to detail.
Furthermore, we enhanced the overall ambiance by incorporating wooden framings and ceilings, elevating the atmosphere to perfection. Each element harmoniously contributes to creating a space that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter.