Project 10

OUR portfolio


Embark on a journey of unparalleled craftsmanship and sophistication with our latest endeavor – the complete design and creation of all wooden elements within this remarkable residence. From the heart of the home to every corner of its interior, our skilled artisans have left an indelible mark with an array of meticulously crafted creations.
At the center of attention stands an impressive kitchen, meticulously designed and equipped to cater to the needs of the modern homeowner. Complementing this focal point are a series of unique furniture pieces, including a bespoke TV set, bedside units, coffee table, desks, and an elegant entrance console adorned with a mirror – each meticulously crafted to blend functionality with exquisite design.
To elevate the ambiance further, we spared no detail in the design of the staircase handle, adorning it with opulent gold details that exude elegance and luxury. The use of oak wood combined with golden finishes throughout adds a touch of refinement to the space, creating an atmosphere of timeless beauty and sophistication.
Outside, we extend our expertise to the creation of an exterior BBQ unit, seamlessly integrating functionality with style to enhance outdoor living experiences.
This project stands as the epitome of craftsmanship and elegance, serving as a strong showcase of our capabilities here at Praxis En Ergo. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we have transformed this residence into a haven of refined living, where every element tells a story of artistry and expertise.